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Houseplants offer a variety of benefits to owners. A plant, house plants, indoor plant and other foliage can add more than just decoration to a room, plants for indoors can improve quality of life in a multitude of ways.
Succulents are tough-as-nails houseplants that boast long-playing color with low maintenance charm. Try one of these outstanding varieties, such as low light succulents, tall succulents, and zebra plant succulent will add color and charm to your home.
Look for pests before bringing houseplants indoors. The cold weather forces you to bring your outdoors plants inside for the season. Before doing so, check for pests that have established a home on plants during summer months. You don't want to suffer from indoor bugs in house plants.
Planter pot sizes are important. Do you need a big pot for plants? Learn how to select the right pot and pot indoor plants all over your home. Choose any material or container you like for big pot plants.
Tucking houseplants into the same indoor container garden? Try indoor plant containers by tucking several houseplants into the same pot. Once choosing an indoor container gardening, you can create varieties of houseplant combos.
Your houseplants should be checked for toxicity. Indoor plants bring a touch of the garden into your home, but they could be toxic house plants. In some plants, toxicity lurks beneath the exterior of the plant. Learn which ones are poison house plants and the steps to take to have a healthy home.
Control spider mites with a spider mite killer before it’s too late. A spidermite usually survive typical insecticides and spider mite spray, so be sure to check the pesticide label to see if they are mentioned before it is too late.
You don't have to be an expert to grow houseplants. There are many options to fit your home and lifestyle. Learn what things to consider, like light, location and amount of water, before choosing the right houseplant for you.
Terrariums are beautiful little ecosystems. Activated charcoal for terrarium layers can be moss, soil and activated charcoal for planting that add dimension and color to surface layers. And with the right plants and the right light, even a tropical terrarium can thrive for a very long time and bring beauty, nature and a sense of otherworldly decor to your home.