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Control brushy weeds from plaguing properties. Here are some helpful tips for stopping brushy weeds plaguing your property. You can stop the battle from poison ivy, wild blackberry, or any aggressive plant.
Weeds in lawns are the scourge of lawn owners everywhere. Learn how to identify some of the most common and problematic weeds that look like grass and ways to beat them. Some weeds look like grass, but a weed is anything that grows in your lawn that is undesirable. It doesn’t matter if you are battling a few dandelions or invading annual bluegrass, or purple flower weeds in lawn like creeping charlie.
7 lawn care myths to avoid listening to about lawn aerators. There’s no shortage of wrong information when it comes to lawn care. Read the following to see if you have accidentally listened to one of the seven lawn care myths, such as the fact that spiked shoes are not a good aerator for lawn. Learn the correct strategies to maximize aerating lawn benefits and other tips for a great lawn.
Planting your most visible area, the sidewalk strip. One of the most inhospitable areas of your yard while being the most visible is the sidewalk strip. With the right plants, you can upgrade your sidewalk landscaping to a pretty paradise and have gorgeous walkway plants. Follow these sidewalk landscaping ideas.
The different weed zones to watch over. Weed zones hide by the thousands while having the ability to germinate. Control the weed zones by learning more about to how to stop these weeds from growing.
Purple leaf plant and other dark purple foliage plant add contrast. One of the hottest trends is growing dark-leafed plants. In the garden or containers, dark-hued leaves stand out, adding contrast to your landscape. Learn how to make such plants as burgundy plants and purple foliage plants shine in your yard.
Soil that's compacted on a regular basis needs to be aerated on a regular basis. Learn how to aerate the lawn and how to aerate soil, what kind of aerator to choose, when to aerate depending on your soil type, aerators for lawns tips and more to help you get started.
Control weeds to reduce exposure to pollen. Spring is an exciting time for gardeners but it also is the start of allergy season. Allergy weeds are one of the top pollen allergy offenders. Learn the ways to control allergic weeds to reduce this exposure and control your allergy to grass and weeds.
Cash in on one of gardening's best bargains: bare-root plants. Learn why to grow bare-root plants, when they're available, the benefits of bare-root plants and more. This article even offers tips on how to tell if bare-root plants are healthy.