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Storage tips to prevent household pests. Changing temperatures means it’s time to put away your seasonal clothing. By taking steps to store clothes safely, you can prevent household pests from making a meal out of your favorite clothing.
Wood-fueled fires can be fun and memorable. It is important to review safety tips when using firewood because there are a number of potential dangers or issues you might not normally think of.
Live Christmas trees are a holiday classic. Keep your entire holiday season merry and bright by understanding how to properly care for a Christmas tree so it stays healthier longer.
A Christmas tree is the most important decoration. Different people have different Christmas tree needs and it is important to understand how to select a tree that meets those needs.
Trying to read a Lawn & Garden product label can be confusing. We’ll help you break down the information you’ll find on your BioAdvanced label, define what it means, and understand how to use it.

Garden scrapbooks mean creating a fun keepsake. These scrapbooks can function as inspiration, a filing spot, a recipe book, or even just a crafty project to tackle.
Outdoor and natural décor can be a great aesthetic. Bringing in outside materials puts you at risk for pests. It is important to understand the ways to keep your home safe and warm and enjoy pest free firewood.
Pumpkins have a great number of uses. No matter if you are carving, baking or creating a display with them, here’s how to pick the perfect pumpkin.
Enjoying a fire is always a cold weather classic. Properly storing firewood and seasoned wood results in firewood wood that burns cleaner, produces less smoke and creosote and yields more heat more efficiently. Learn more on how to store firewood.