Implement whiteflies control before they cause damage by feeding on your plants. This tiny, flying insect reproduces rapidly. Learn how to check for a white flies infestation and more importantly, how to get rid of Whiteflies.

Trees are an invaluable part of any landscape, with benefits that extend far beyond increased property values. Need proof? See what the USDA Forest Service has to say about planting trees.
Trees are the most valuable part of your landscape. Here are 10 easy ways to provide tree maintenance help give them the care they need so they remain healthy and strong.

America is filled with famous forests. Learn about and visit some of the most beautiful forests with breathtaking scenery, wildlife and outdoor recreation.
The tiny Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) threatens citrus worldwide, because it can carry incurable Citrus Greening Disease. Learn the telltale signs of this invasive pest and this disease, who to contact, and how to protect against it with garden insecticide as an asian citrus psyllid tree treatment.
Shrubs can brighten the garden, even in winter. There are a number of brilliant winter berries shrubs and those with colorful, quirky stems, or unexpected blooms that will add sparkle to the winter months.
Prep for garden clean up in the fall. This checklist highlights garden chores to tackle in fall, and rewards you with a shorter to-do list in spring, plus helps eliminate garden pests and diseases.
One of the most damaging garden pests, the Japanese Beetle feasts on more than 400 plants and lays eggs that turn into Grubs. Learn how to identify Japanese beetles, control Japanese beetles and get rid of Japanese Beetles with effective control of Japanese beetles. It is estimated that damage and cost of controlling Japanese Beetles in the United States is over 460 million dollars each year.
The Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) is an invasive pest that is attacking and killing hardwood trees in the eastern U.S., and it’s spreading. Find out how to identify and control this destructive insect.