DuraZone Weed & Grass Killer

More control. More coverage. More value.

BioAdvanced™ DuraZone® Weed & Grass Killer spray is both a broadleaf weed killer and a grassy weed killer. Just one application kills Dandelion, Crabgrass, Spurge, Clover and other listed weeds and grasses. Plus it prevents new weeds up to 6 months.

More control – DuraZone lasts 50% LONGER2!

DuraZone kills existing weeds, and it prevents new weeds up to 6 months. Longer residual control means less spraying – giving you more free time.

6 Months of protection

More coverage – DuraZone treats over 60% MORE square footage

More coverage with just one bottle means less cost – saving you money.

650 sq. ft. of coverage.

More value – Our sprayer is refillable from Concentrate

Our sprayer is refillable from 32 oz. Concentrate – saving you even more. Refill our Ergo-Grip™ Sprayer 3 times with just 1 bottle of 32 oz. Concentrate. To refill the leading competitor sprayer 3 times, you need to buy four 1.25 gallon refills2.

More Value

More satisfaction – thanks to new, improved features

Our 1.3 Gallon sprayer has been upgraded for 2018 with a redesigned wide-valve cap that improves liquid flow and inhibits clogging, a more flexible hose, an easier to open Ergo-Grip Wand and more.

ergospray handle

Where to use DuraZone

Use DuraZone anywhere you want to protect from weeds and grasses, from patios to driveways, from fence lines to paths.

driveway or sidewalk
Fence lines
Mulched Area
patio & hardscapes

* Plants need to be growing in the landscape for 2 years before using DuraZone around the plants. See label for more information.
DO NOT use on lawns.


When to apply

Apply anytime during the year to unwanted weeds and grasses3 to keep them from coming back for up to 6 months.

How to apply

To kill unwanted weeds and grasses, don’t just spray the ones you see. Instead spray DuraZone everywhere they might grow and create a protective zone. This will not only kill the weeds and grass you see, but also prevent new weeds up to 6 months.

how to apply


Kill, prevent AND save

1- Bayer Advanced DuraZone Weed & Grass Killer trials, March 2011, Clayton, NC.
2- Based on product label comparisons between DuraZone 1.3 Gallon Ready-To-Use versus 1.3 Gallon Roundup Extended Control Ready-To-Use.
3- See product label for listed weeds and grasses.
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