Rose & Flower Fertilizer 4lb.
Specialized nutrition to grow strong roots and big blooms
  • Long-lasting 4-month feeding to support nutritional needs of roses and flowers
  • Stimulates root development for strong plants
  • Enriched with Micro-nutrients for big, vibrant blooms
  • Fortifies soil for improved feeding
  • Contains: Macro- and Micro-nutrients, humic acid, gypsum
  • Fertilizer Analysis: 9-18-9 slow-release fertilizer



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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

This product is for use on listed roses and flowers.

Yes, this product can be applied to potted plants and garden beds. Be sure to measure size of your pot or bed area before applying, and follow label instructions to determine the correct amount of granules to use.

This product feeds up to 4 months. For most growing areas, 2 applications per growing season will be sufficient.

You’ll see stimulated growth and big, vibrant blooms as soon as the flowers begin blooming, and continued growth for up to 4 months. 

Available Sizes & Product Labels

4 lb. Bag

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