DuraZone® Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate

Key Features
  • Prevents listed weeds and grasses from emerging
  • Creates a weed prevention barrier that continues working for up to 6 months everywhere you spray
  • For use on driveways, sidewalks, patios, along fences and foundations, and around walkways, mulched areas and established ornamentals1
  • More value – get 33% more!2
  • 32 oz. Bonus Concentrate makes 4 gallons
  • Can be used to refill DuraZone® 1.3 Gallon with Ergo-Grip Sprayer
  • Can be used in pump-style tank sprayers

1Plants need to be growing in the landscape for 2 years before using DuraZone around the plants. See label for more information.
2Compared to DuraZone 24 oz. Concentrate.


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How To Apply

Add appropriate amounts of water and product to pump-style spray tank. Close sprayer, shake well and pressurize.
Adjust nozzle to Coarse Spray (NOT a stream). Spray existing listed weeds and entire area you want protected until thoroughly wet.
Occasionally re-pressurize sprayer as needed to maintain a good spray pattern.
Kills & Prevents Weeds & Grasses up to 6 Months
Kills & Prevents Weeds & Grasses up to 6 Months
Contains a proven blend of weed & grass killers to kill existing weeds & grasses plus a proprietary residual herbicide to keep new ones from coming back. Existing weeds & grasses begin to wilt & die within hours and new ones will not grow for up to 6 months.
Kills All Types of Weeds & Grasses
Kills All Types of Weeds & Grasses
Just one application kills existing weeds & grasses PLUS prevents new weeds & grasses.
Creates Weed Prevention Barrier
Creates Weed Prevention Barrier
To prevent weeds and grasses from emerging, spray entire area you want protected - not just the existing weeds - to create a long-lasting weed prevention zone.